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SoundTube 20" Commercial Pendant Dome Speaker

SoundTube 20" Commercial Pendant Dome Speaker

Currently unavailable until July 2022.


SoundTube 20" Commercial Pendant Dome Speaker (Model No. FP6020-II)

A dome speaker for focused listening -- The FP6020-II's unique design offers a narrow sound dispersion pattern with true stereo separation. It can be suspended from the ceiling in libraries, at information kiosks, and similar areas where information needs to be delivered to a handful of listeners without bleeding out into the surrounding area.


The speaker features twin 1" aluminum full-range drivers, mounted in individually sealed compartments inside SoundTube's 20" patented ZeroReflection™ dome enclosure. The drivers point upward and reflect sound off of the dome's interior to produce a narrow, focused 30° coverage angle. The enclosure includes a built-in switchable 350Hz high-pass filter. 

The speaker's 15-foot hanging cable includes multiple leads that allow the drivers to be wired in 8-ohm stereo, parallel wired for a 4-ohm mono signal, or wired in series for a 16-ohm mono signal.


Weight: 5.5 lbs.

Dimensions: 20-1/4" diameter x 8-3/4" height

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