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Who is able to check out equipment from Television?

Due to our limited supply of equipment, we are giving priority to organizers, curators, activists, and others who are creating programs, events, and happenings on the behalf of others. 

How do I check out equipment?

Kits are available to check out in the google form. All items are available individually, by emailing

What if I don’t see what I need? 

Email us! We are constantly adding to our inventory and are connected with resources.

I only need one item, not a whole set. Is it possible to check out one piece of equipment?

Yes, please email us to learn about the availability of the item you wish to check out. 


How does the pricing work?

We offer a sliding scale of rental fees depending on budgetary needs. If you are working from a no-budget project, you can rent equipment for little to no cost. If you are working with an equipment budget or have institutional support, the fees are designed to work with your budget and support a sliding scale model.

How soon can I get my equipment once I fill out the form/contact Television?

We will reply to your request in 48 hours. The turnaround time can be as quick as 2-4 days, depending on equipment availability.


How do I get the equipment?

You can pick up the equipment from our headquarters, Icebox Project Space, 1400 N American St, Philadelphia, PA 19122. Please email us if you are unable to travel to pick up equipment. 


What if I have problems using the equipment or it begins to malfunction?

For malfunctioning equipment, please contact us via text at 215-460-1986. 


What if I damage, lose, or otherwise destroy the equipment I borrowed?

Good question. We’ll figure it out as we go along. 


Where does the money from my rental fee go? 

100% of rental fees are reallocated into repair costs and new equipment acquisitions. 


Can I make a donation to Television?

We accept all working equipment, camera bags, electrical and sounds wires/cables. Please email us and we will arrange a time to pick up the donation. Cash donations can be made to $televisiondotfarm (CashApp) 

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